Frequently Asked Questions


1. My Child needs reading help, how can Accelerated Learning help?

The tutors at Accelerated Learning, Inc. understand the issues behind your child's reading frustrations. Before a program is recommended, the tutor 
will talk with you  about your child's struggles. Pre-testing will be
administered to assess your child's reading ability. Once this is completed,
a report is written and recomendations are suggested to maximize your
child's success.

2. I am interested in doing Fast ForWord and Interactive Metronome, which one should I do first?

It is suggested that students start with Interactive Metronome. This program will address long term attention, memory, and processing which will make
Fast ForWord easier and faster to complete.

3. I am interested in doing a program and one-on-one tutoring. Can these be done at the same time or one at a time?

Laura M. Smith, M.Ed. and her trained tutors will discuss with you the options available for your child. They will test according to your concerns and make recommendations that will benefit both your child's learning and your family's schedule. Programs can be completed during the summer months as well as
during the school year. Many parents opt for tutoring during the school year
and use the summer months to "tune-up" their child's abilities with Interactive Metronome and/or Fast ForWord. Whatever you decide, Accelerated Learning,
Inc. will do it's best to meet your child's educational and learning needs.


Contact Laura M. Smith, M.Ed  at (678) 462-6152 or email at