The Learning Lab at Accelerated Learning


   Lab Pricing:


                 30% Savings from one-on-one!


  1-hour combination:

  (30 min IM and 30 min Fast ForWord) - $728/mo


  2-hour comination:

  (1 hour IM and 1 hour Fast ForWord) - $1456/mo


  1-hour individual program:

              Fast ForWord: $560/mo

              Interactive Metronome: $896/mo


  • Payment is due at the first session of each month, no exceptions.
  • No credit for missed sessions due to discount
  • Can upgrade to one-on-one tutoring for a nominal fee.
  • Your child will be expected to come 4 days a week for programming for maximum results.


* The staff at ALI has the discretion to recommend if a student is not ready for group programming. A student may need additional support one-on-one for a period of time to make sure your child is successful. This will be observed and discussed with the family after the first few sessions in the lab.